Affiliate program

What is a referral system?

It is very simple:

1. We give you a referral link.

2. By this link someone goes to our store and buys something.

3. You get 10% of the purchase price to your account.

Personal account:

Example: a person follows your referral link, but leaves immediately. Then he goes to us by the usual link, during the first 30 minutes of the session he buys goods worth 70 rubles. You will be charged 70 rub in your personal account.

What are the limitations?

-payment from 100 rub

- the payment is counted as a referral if a person bought something in the store within 30 minutes after calling

-You can’t buy a product through its referral link, we will immediately notice it

How to get a referral link?

1) Register in your personal account

2) Inside your personal account fill in the information to get a referral link